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Long-term for eyebrows

LONG-TERM OF EYEBROWS “MATRESHKA” is a procedure that promotes healing, growth and shine of natural hairs of eyebrows and eyelashes, as well as modeling the shape by applying special formulations to the hairs. After the procedure, eyelashes and eyebrows become thick and well-groomed, and thanks to the unique composition, the eyelashes have a beautiful bend. The procedure for lamination of eyelashes and eyebrows is recommended for any type and condition of eyelashes and eyebrows. Products are sold in sets, which include all the necessary components, detailed instructions on the procedure and information about each composition.

“MATRESHKA FOR MEN” EYE EYEBROWING PROCEDURE PROCEDURE ALLOWS TO SOLVE THE PROBLEMS OF MANY MEN. It is necessary for men: with accrete eyebrows, with asymmetry of eyebrows, with hard eyebrows, with shaggy, curly eyebrows, with alopecia, with thick eyebrows.

The duration of the procedure is not more than 30 minutes. / Easily combined with basic procedures / Absolutely painless / Duration of effect 1.5 months.

Results before and after

Note that the shade depends on your skin type