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Stability staining (tattoo effect)

Matreshka henna dyeing is a SPA procedure that provides long-term and stable coloring. The treatment complex includes: “Matreshka” eyebrow shampoo, “Matreshka” eyebrow scrub, “Matreshka” clinker, “Matreshka” water solution, “Matreshka” oil, “Matreshka” eyebrow gel and white “Matreshka” paste. The procedure consists of 10 steps:

Step 1 – we process eyebrows shampoo “Matreshka”
Step 2 – apply scrub “Matreshka”.
Step 3 – we process eyebrows with the “Matreshka” clipper.
Step 4 – add the “Matreshka” water solution to henna.
Step 5 – apply the white “Matreshka” paste along the contour of the eyebrows, giving them the desired shape (use the brush from the “Matreshka” collection 001 to model the eyebrows).
Step 6 – we put “Matreshka” henna without stepping over the contour of the white paste.
Step 7 – wash off the henna with the “Matreshka” water solution.
Step 8 – apply Matreshka eyebrow oil, it promotes hair growth and color stability.
Step 9 – apply the “Matreshka” eyebrow gel to the entire surface to be painted.
Step 10 – combing the eyebrows with a brush “Matreshka”